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What the COVID-19 has taught

Recently there is a coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19 that has caught many off-guard. Within a matter of weeks, cities and even countries have been affected, some drastically even. Understandably this novel virus, which has affected 28 countries worldwide (as of 14 Feb 2020) has cause many to be alarmed. What is worrisome is the, seemingly high mortality rate associated with this disease. With the situation getting more severe since December 2019, many people are wondering what is the best response as an individual.


One of the themes that I teach during my training workshops is called “9 Keys to Success”. Two of these keys (Key number 6 and 7) is that of “Planning for Success” and “Actions for Success” respectively. With two of these keys I have created a 5P framework for success with planning and action. One of these P’s is Preparation.


In a situation that we are thrusted into, even though we do not desire it, we still need and have to prepare ourselves for success. The problem with preparation is that we must always be mindful we are not thrown into another P, that of paranoia.


In other words, do not let our preparedness fall into the realm of paranoia. But how do we do that? Here are 2 simple advice.


  1. Stay Ahead of the Situation


We can stay ahead of the current situation by being informed. And we need to be actively informed. In other words, we may have to search out the objective facts or from reliable sources rather than relying on second-hand information or worse from fake news outlet.


  1. Do not Allow Fear to Rule our Lives


Understand that you are in control regardless of how dismal the situation is. We are always in a pro-active stance rather than a reactive state. One of the best ways to detect fear is us is probably a natural reactive response to bad news. We should always synthesize materials and information and make an informed decision