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Understanding Values and Ethics and the In-Betweens

Over the past few months, I have been pondering over the concept of values and other similar notions and how these ideas can all help us live life more effectively and meaningfully. As someone whose work is focused mainly on mindset transformation, it has also kept me thinking how such concepts of values and ethics can create better success in what we do.

The source of our values stems from our philosophy of life. The word philosophy stems from two Greek words which are “philo” (to love) and “sophy” (to think). Hence this word is simply an expression that says how much an individual loves to think about an idea, concept or situation which is ultimately translated to their belief system. It is also these beliefs that will drive your purpose and mission in life (which I believe I have written on in this blog previously).

Our beliefs then creates our values such as respect, integrity and responsibility just to state a few. Our values are simply what we hold valuable and dear to. If I perceive that integrity is valuable to me as an individual, I will hold that value in high esteem. However, if I think that the value of integrity is not important than I will not think much of it and I will not be thinking about it in whatever that I do.

Our values produces our morals and we act morally based on what is valuable to us. Our morals are our principles on which one’s judgement of right and wrong is based. Compared to ethics our morals are more “subjective” in nature for it is influenced very much by our society, culture and religion.

Morals inform ethics. Ethics is our behaviour and hence we have the ethical behaviour. Our ethics are the guiding principles of conduct that is generally accepted in the society we are in and therefore, “objective” in nature compared to our morals.

And finally, we have ethics that produces our character for ethical behaviour produces moral conviction and character is very much our life and lifestyle we live.

Therefore, for us to live a life that is successful, it all starts with our “philo”-“sophy” which is very much then our mindset!