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Prisoner of Hope

I have always been endlessly optimistic and is the type of person who believes a lesson is learned in every experience through positive attitude and constructive perspective which matters. With these right attitudes and perspectives, I have always believe that challenges, obstacles and trials are all stepping stone to lift us up to our next level of success.

But what do I do when I are face with something so huge and so daunting that every fiber of me was just shouting the word, “This is impossible!” For those of you who may be acquainted with my story, that was what I was facing post-stroke back in 2000.

During the early stages of my recovery, I was very much like a prisoner trapped within my own physical body – impotent to move, powerless to speak and unable to see half my visual field. In many ways, I was more trapped than a prisoner in a jail cell.

It was Martin Luther King, Jr that said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” I realized that I have a choice and that was to choose between becoming a prisoner who was trapped within his very own body or a prisoner of hope.

I chose the latter and that has made all the difference.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of “The Matrix” which has, in many ways, re-defined cinematic experience. While the movie by itself is an awesome experience just to enjoy, its deeper philosophical discussions on choice versus cause-and-effect is a timely reminder that it is though the choices that we make in life that will define who we are to become.