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Power to Win

Recently, I had the privilege to speak to 43 members of Beckman Coulter (Hong Kong) on the topic of “Power to Win”. They flew me up to inspire their staff and set everyone aligned to the goals for 2016. Naturally I was excited and privilege to have this platform to be at impact to this wonderful group.

The 3 hour session had me sharing with them my life journey from a stroke survivor to inspirational speaker, private educator, author and a mindset coach. And while I was humbled that they felt my story moved them, I am glad the activities we had together helped them realise that indeed, the power to win was in each and every one of them.

For I am of the belief that ‘winning’ is in all of us. The time I spent with them was not in telling them what they do not already know. After all these were individuals who were experts in their own domain. What I helped them was to just let them be aware of 2 fundamental truths about winning.

The first is of mindset. None of us can win if we cannot fathom the reality that we are winners. Take a look at how Usain Bolt swaggers his way into the track or how Ma Long dominates the action around the table tennis table. These people know they are winners and they behave like one. Not out of pride but of a certain assurance of who they are. Without this mindset, all victory is short and all failures are merely temporary setbacks.

The second truth is that it is never about the effort of winning but the effect of winning we should be constantly be reminded of. A relentless pursuit towards the effort of winning ultimately wears down the best of us. On the other hand, the effect of winning is not sustained by the will. In fact it is done by the natural effect of wining. And because dopamine is the major neuro-receptor that is secreted when we win, and it is also additive, it is clear why all of us have an innate desire to win. Therefore, it is vital for us to take every moment, even when we ‘lose’, and view it as a learning opportunity and thereby transforming a lost to a win, and a win to a habit.

When I was ending my workshop at Beckman Coulter, I left everyone with a phrase which I would like to share with all of you here as well. And that is, “The Power To Win Lies In (M)indset).(E)ffect”.