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If you’re travelling with just a Switch and phone for company, however, then you might take a different view. Nintendo hasn’t launched its online service yet and what’s currently in place is pretty ropey. You can add friends you’ve met on Nintendo’s mobile apps or use those dreadful, old-fashioned Friend Codes, but features to add people more organically or using social media still haven’t emerged. It also seems bizarre that you have to use a smartphone app for voice chat and game invites. We’re hoping Nintendo will up its game when the Nintendo Switch Online service finally launches in September. I’ll admit it: I was a cynic. At one point I was telling people that the Switch was the first Nintendo console - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/nintend... since the SNES that I wasn’t going to buy. I was wrong. The great thing about the Switch is its versatility. It’s my handheld gaming device of choice - my all-time favourite of its type - but it’s also a console I’ll play at home when something big like a Zelda or Mario comes out.

In fact, the worst thing about the Joy-Cons is remembering to slide on the wrist-strap modules the right way. They’re easy to put on incorrectly and not so easy to get off. If you want a more conventional controller for your Switch, the Pro Controller is really the only game in town. Luckily, it’s Nintendo’s best controller since the Gamecube’s, with nice, large analogue sticks, rubberised handles and less plasticky triggers and bumpers than the Wii U equivalent. The D-Pad isn’t great, so fighting game fans might want to look for an alternative, but the only real issue with the Pro Controller is the price. Even now, it’s common to find it on sale for £55 to £65 - £10 more than a DualShock 4, and £15 more than an Xbox Wireless Controller. The capacitive touchscreen and touch-friendly UI makes the Switch a joy to use, and whether you’re starting a game, changing settings or nintendo switch sale browsing the eShop, it’s easy to get around.

I’ve spent about 60% of my time playing titles such as Super Mario Odyssey or Dragon Quest Builders handheld, and I’ve never felt that I’m getting an inferior experience. The Switch’s magic is really in the supplied accessories, particularly the dual Joy-Con controllers. These slide into the rails on the side of the Switch with a satisfying click, sliding out again when you press a button on the rear of each controller. Just be careful that the digital click you hear when you attach the controllers is followed by a mechanical click to denote that all is properly in place. Otherwise, picking up the Switch by the controllers could see the tablet crashing to the floor. The dock, meanwhile, is a fairly elegant slab of matte black plastic into which the console easily slips, connecting and charging the tablet through the USB-C port. It has sockets for the USB-C power adapter and HDMI cable, plus three USB 3 ports - two on the side, and one behind the flap at the back.

One mini-game in the launch game 1-2 Switch has you counting the number of (virtual) balls inside a Joy-Con, and it's impressive just how well the HD Rumble creates the impression of there being real balls inside the controller. Another mini-game impresses by tasking you to crack a safe by feeling the click of a dial as you turn it. nintendo switch cheap - https://www.2gogames.com/ made practical use of the feature in the Switch 3.0 OS update - now if you've lost one Joy-Con but the two are still paired, you can make the other vibrate to make it easier to find. There were initially reports of connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch, something which we experienced ourselves. The problem is that sometimes during gameplay, the left Joy-Con's connection just drops out completely. Fortunately, Nintendo is now offering a repair service for any broken Joy-Cons, so we'd advise sending yours in if you experience connectivity issues of any kind. It's in the handheld configuration that the Nintendo Switch controller's deficiencies are most apparent.

They’re essential if you want to make the most of Nintendo’s brilliant beat-em-up: ARMS. I’m still not 100% comfortable playing many games with a Joy-Con in each hand - the combination of the lightweight controllers and the slightly awkward position of the right analogue stick occasionally wrongfoots me. Yet it’s undoubtedly the best way to play Mario Odyssey and nintendo switch cheap - http://rivetedchurch.com/riveted-youth/ to feel the subtle but immersive HD Rumble effects. If you want a more conventional controller then you can always slot them into the bundled Joy-Con grip. The other great advantage of the Joy-Con controllers is that you have two controllers as your disposal when playing multiplayer games. Slide them out of the Switch, attach the wrist-strap modules and you’re ready for multiplayer Puyo-Puyo Tetris or Mario Kart - anywhere, anytime. Some early left Joy-Cons suffered from frequent disconnection issues, although Nintendo seems to have ironed these out, fixing the hardware and replacing the affected controllers.