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Passionate about the Art of Determination and personal empowerment, it’s my mission to inspire and motivate others to achieve their personal goals and dreams.


I offer a range of talks, coaching services, and workshops to support your employees to improve their motivation, collaboration, and performance while gaining clarity and confidence.


That’s what my talks and sessions are all about – feeling empowered, motivated, and gaining the tools to work better, feel better and perform with more confidence and clarity.


Lack of motivation and clarity play a major role in not only job performance but personal fulfillment and work-life satisfaction. My talks revolve around my philosophy (and book) on the Art of Determination and giving people the tools and motivation to succeed.




Talk topics:


  1. A STROKE OF DESTINY – an inspirational story of hope
  2. PERSEVERANCE YIELDS SUCCESS – a motivational talk on what it really takes to achieve success
  3. HOW TO HANDLE CRISIS – what do you do when the unexpected happen? Tips and tools for overcoming adversity
  4. SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING – the key to self-directed learning and what you need to achieve it


These talks are a great way to motivate your staff to take an interest in their performance and goals. The talks last for 1 hour.


Additional Services:


As well as motivational talks I offer personality profiling and team strength finding sessions to develop and help your employees gain clarity on their unique strengths and weaknesses. Great as a team building exercise and improving collaboration styles to make a difference in their interactions and daily lives.


  • Team personality profiling sessions
  • Team Strength finding sessions
  • Management performance coaching and goal setting


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