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How do we Choose our Battles?

If we are to think about what we are doing, both personally and professionally; we will realise that the problems that we are called upon to solve are very much the once that defines our purpose, gives us satisfaction and brings out the joy in whatever we are doing.

When I work with people, either from the front of the conference room as a speaker or as a trainer in a workshop or one-on-one in my coaching sessions, there are three areas that I enjoy helping my clients solve. These include encouraging my clients to stretch in their mindset and possibilities to attain their success, equipping them for significance and empowering them to rise to their next level of growth so as to form their legacy.


I love igniting hope and passion in people! When we Encourage and uplift our spirit we are believing in ourself and develop the qualities of success that are within us. When this happens everything changes.


Success is fantastic. Significance is even better! Significance is when you help someone to Be, to Do, and to Have more than what they thought was possible by Equipping them with the essential and necessary skill-sets


We are all Empowered to create a legacy. And while words like empowerment and legacy appears to be abstract words for many, the words from Zig Ziglar may help us to break it down into a understandable concept – “You can have everything in life if you wil just help enough other people get what they want”.