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The local grocery store cleaning aisle can be pretty confusing. The aisle contains assorted products such has glass cleaners, stain removers, disinfectants and all purpose cleaners. But there's another aisle that may be just as useful for someone that is searching for household cleaning products. Believe it or not, the food aisle can contain products that are just as effective as the products found on the cleaning product aisle. Better yet, the food products are much cheaper. Check out five creative ways to use food to clean up around the house!

White bread cleans up shattered glass on floors and counters. It can be difficult to get all the tiniest pieces when glass is shattered,. And worse, those tiny pieces can hurt pretty bad if stepped on by bare feet. But there is a quick, easy and affordable solution that can be found in every kitchen. Simply use white bread to get the glass off the floor. Lightly press the white bread along the surface where the glass is shattered and the glass will stick to the bread. Be cautious and dispose of the bread properly to avoid contact with children and pets.

Ketchup cleans stainless steel sinks perfectly. Ketchup is really good at delivering a great shine to stainless steel sinks. Simply squirt ketchup into the sink and use a clean damp cloth to spread the ketchup around the stainless steel surface. Rinse with warm water and towel dry the sink.

Rice is a great coffee grinder cleaner. The oil from coffee grounds can hide in some places even when the coffee grinder appears clean,. Try using uncooked white rice in order to produce a clean, vibrant shine. For a regular blade system, add uncooked white rice up to the height of the blades. Run the grinder and dispose of the rice that will be coated in the sticky brown coffee residue.

Green tea removes odors inside a refrigerator. Use green tea leaves to deter odors in a refrigerator. Add green tea leaves to a bowl and place the bowl in the refrigerator. Even pungent odors such as garlic and onions will be absorbed by the tea leaves. Also, try rubbing hands with tea leaves to remove and absorb odors.

Club soda removes carpet stains. Attack carpet spills by blotting the stained area with club soda. Then, พี่เลี้ยงเด็ก - https://thaijobpro.com/ pour club soda over the area and scrub with a damp cloth. Red wine stains & urine stains can also be removed using this technique.

Obviously, there are plenty of foods that should never be used while cleaning around the house. It's a good idea to be cautious and never assume that all food products are effective at cleaning around the house. However, don't be scared to use these five food products because they will save anyone both time and money.