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Disability is ONLY in the mind

I was privileged to be the guest speaker for last night network meet at Unity Business Network (UBN) event which is held monthly at Level 2 which is sited along 117 Killiney Road. With its vision of Uplifting the Entrepreneur Spirit, UBN seeks to create opportunities where entrepreneurs and business-minded executives can mingle and exchange ideas, share information and uplift one another with a platform which is supported by biblical principles.

Despite the technique hic-cups, the guests and I had an enjoyable time as I shared with them my life journey and my experience as an athlete with a handicap. I shared with them about my near fatal stroke attack that changed the direction of my life. I shared with them the years when I was trying to find a new career and passion out of medicine. I shared with them the setting up of Potter’s Clay Education in 2009. I shared with them my years as wheelchair table tennis athlete. And I shared with them about the Gold medal we took back for Singapore at the recently concluded 8th ASEAN Games.

With the pitter-pattering of rain as our musical accompaniment for the evening, I ended the cosy night by encouraging every one present about the importance of mindset and our physiological state that affects our winning nature.

A positive mindset is essential for us to succeed and win in our attempts in life. In short the mindset that is essential for winning include motivation, attitude and a trigger that initiates a call for action. We reminded each other that we need to be motivate to grow as individuals, develop an attitude that nourishes the Art of Determination and create trigger points in life for us to focus on the need of others rather than ourselves so that we can end today better than yesterday.

For us to stay in that state of winning, we need to be aware of our physiological state as well. In fact Don King was very clear. After Mike Tyson was released from jail, it was King that set up the two “tomato can” matches. In boxing lingo, “tomato cans” refers to weaker opponents. King had to make sure that Tyson was in a physiological state that was primed for the World Championship. You see, winning alters our physiological state though the release of a hormone called Dopamine which is secreted whenever we experience success.

I ended the talk night by a reminder that disability is only in the mind. Are we prepared for our wins in 2016?