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Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude

The potential of a man can often be estimated through 3As’; Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude.


Our attitude is the manifestation of our personality as it clashes with the unpredictable circumstances that is our external environment.

Paying careful attention to how we reacts to specific events and circumstances within our environment will reveal our attitude and a plethora of other mysteries that lie hidden in the recesses of their mind.

Often attitude can be liken to a motor that can either be slowed down or helped to move ahead. For in life, it is our attitude that determines how much or what we can do.


Our attitude comes together with our aptitude. Everyone is born with talents and these are skills that can be honed and developed over time. The key in developing our aptitudes or talents lie in our determination in working hard.


How high we soar as an individual or even as a team is then the result of how high we set our dreams. And how long we stay elevated lies in our humility and gratitude towards life.

And so today, let us run our race with thes 3As’’ and be poised for success!